JC Websolutions - Hosting and More

JC Websolutions is a team of developers and admins, that have always looked for the better service.

Now we are offering hosting/VPS services.

We use Webmin/Virtualmin GPL on some of our VPS systems, but for the most part our systems are self managed, we give you the VPS and you do with it what you want. But we can install Webmin/Virtualmin GPL for you if that is what you would like.

We are currently looking at purchasing a VM pro license but that will probably happen after the first of the year…

Our main site is hosted on a VPS system running Centos5 and WM/VM GPL.

We offer 4 different VPS Plans and have 3 Shared Hosting plans… all are very competitive in price.

We also offer LxAdmin and CPanel, but of course with CPanel you pay the license fee for it… :frowning:

If your looking for a good system to host your site, sites or a friends site, We can hook you up.

We offer mainly e-mail/ticket support and can usually answer your question or fix your problem within an hour and if there is a larger issue we can contact you via phone.

We don’t bost huge disk space and huge bandwidth… some of these places say… 2500 GB of Disk space and 45000 GB Bandwidth and that just isn’t a feasible …

We are very straight forward and will give you the great price and service you deserve.

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