Java tomcat support

can anyone explain to me how to add java tomcat support in virtualmin should include jetty

OS type and version centos 7
Virtualmin version 7

There has been previous discussion on Tomcat. Use the search, a far as I seen there is no support.

You’d use it like you’d use any other application framework and app server: Proxy to it. (Which is how you’d do it in any other deployment, regardless of Virtualmin being involved in managing the web server.)

Any docs you’re using for your framework and app server will apply to a Virtualmin system in the same way they’d apply to any generic Apache or nginx system…with one minor possible difference being that we put domain homes in /home rather than /var/www, and you want to make sure you put your configuration in the relevant VirtualHost section (because Virtualmin is a virtual hosting system, every website needs to be in a virtual host).

Virtualmin is not different, is what I’m trying to say. We try very hard to do things in a way that will look familiar to anyone who has manually setup a web server, and any docs provided by the various apps and frameworks and app servers out there that we don’t support directly (which is most of them, we cannot possibly support everything, we’re a tiny team of mostly volunteers) will work.

what about @Joe @stefan1959

I don’t know. This is the first I’ve heard of it! It says it has Webmin/Virtualmin support. That’s neat.

I’ve never used it (obviously, since I’ve never heard of it). Let us know how it works, I guess?
this is the page I tried but I got SSH issue because my ssl is not connecting I did not set the port can you give it a shoot from your side

note: the page for installation without whmcs

I think you’d need to take up any support questions about CoffeeCP with the folks who maintain it. I’ve never even heard of it until yesterday, I’m certainly not going to be able to fix it.

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