jailkit error

Freshly installed Virtualmin. Basic configuration and trying to test out jailkit. Looks like I have a problem that I just can’t solve. Spent hours to dig more but failed.

.. done Setting up chroot jail .. .. jail failed : Failed to initialize jail : Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/sbin/jk_init", line 247, in main() File "/usr/sbin/jk_init", line 244, in main activateConfig(config, jail, args) File "/usr/sbin/jk_init", line 162, in activateConfig ji.handle_cfg_section(config,jail,cfg,section) File "/usr/sbin/jk_init", line 99, in handle_cfg_section self.handle_cfg_section(config,chroot,cfg,tmp) File "/usr/sbin/jk_init", line 107, in handle_cfg_section paths2 = jk_lib.find_files_in_path(paths) File "/usr/share/jailkit/jk_lib.py", line 849, in find_files_in_path if (tmp[0] == '/'): IndexError: string index out of range

Applying web server configuration …
… done

This is amazing… My second thread like that. No answer at all for nine days.