I've developed a module for managing DNSMasq, what's the best way to share it?

It’s a beta version for now; there are several outstanding issues and is under active development. It’s available at my Github Repo.

What’s the best way of sharing this with the community, if any?

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If you make a wbm package of it using the create-module.pl script in the Webmin github repo, you can add it to the module search on Webmin.com.

You’re also welcome to post release announcements to our Third-Party News forum here. A couple of other Webmin/Virtualmin related projects do that every now and then.

@Jamie, I think we should create webmin/third-party-modules repo and put all of the modules there, not in Webmin.com website.

Yes! Or we should actually revamp the whole third-party modules site …

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It’s not clear to me how to add it to the module search. A GH repo would be make it easy to PR.