It is now possible to update your payment methods in the shop

Howdy all,

As anyone with a credit card that has expired over the past few months has noticed, it’s been non-trivial to update payment info in the shop (it required a new order, even if nothing about the license was changing). That’s been fixed with some new features added to the Account page.

If you’ve made a purchase this year (or since January 7th of this year, to be specific), you’ll have at least one credit card listed under the Stored cards tab, your Account page.

If you need to change your payment information, you can do that using the Add a card link, and if you need to remove an expired card you can use the delete link for the card in question.

There will be some quirks if you have multiple cards stored in the Braintree vault, due to multiple orders with different cards. Open a ticket in the tracker, if you find you’re unable to add a card you want to use, because it already exists in the vault (as far as I can tell, this will only potentially impact a dozen or so people).

There’s a new payments FAQ, with screenshots, of the steps to add a card and delete a card. The add process is a bit confusing, because of the way Drupal’s Card On File module works and the way the Braintree JavaScript drop-in module works, so there’s four steps instead of the two that it ought to take.

The FAQ is here: Payments FAQ

Now that updates are possible, we’ll begin sending out an email if you’ve got an expired or otherwise invalid card and a payment due.

As always, if you run into problems, don’t hesitate to open a ticket, and we’ll help you sort it out.



P.S. Don’t use the “delete” card feature as a means to cancel an order. It won’t cancel anything; the order will continue to be billed and you’ll get email about the order being unpaid. For now, the way to cancel an order is still to open a new ticker in the issue tracker. I’ll be working on making it possible to self-cancel or upgrade your licenses soon, now that most of the billing and recurring issues have been fixed.