It doesn't look like much yet, but...Virtualmin on Mac OS X is nearly ready!

Howdy all,

I’ve been working for several days on a version of the Virtualmin install script on Mac OS X. It’s taken a lot longer than expected, and I’m still a few hours away from calling it “done”, but I’m so excited about where I currently am that I had to share the most boring screenshot ever!

This is the first run of the install script on Mac OS X ever. It’s not actually going to result in a working Virtualmin system this time, but it is (I think) going to successfully install all of the dependencies from Mac Ports and get the system ready for configuration of Virtualmin, which is the next stage of my script writing process.

This is exciting because it has taken a tremendous amount of work to even get this far. Heck, even getting a decent package manager going (and doing anything without requiring UI input) was a monumental task. It has been somewhat further exasperated by the fact that I’m working on a VirtualBox running Mac OS X, which is very clunky and slow. I foolishly tried to do it first on my laptop, which was unusable, but now I have it on my desktop machine which has tons of RAM and is handling the job with a little more grace.

So, if you develop on a Mac laptop or desktop machine, and have ever wanted a local Virtualmin environment to develop on, you will soon have it. Theoretically, you’ll be able to build your site locally, and then back it up and restore it on your Linux server for deployment (and then use git or hg or similar to do updates over time to the site contents). It’s gonna be pretty neat.

I will, obviously welcome feedback once I get this script wrapped up and posted to our downloads page.



Joe, do you see this as a good replacement for MAMP? If so, there are a few nice things in MAMP Pro that would be good to see in OS X Virtualmin.

  • integrated phpMyAdmin
  • integrated virtual hosts definition and deploy (rewrites /etc/hosts and refreshes dscacheutil)
  • multiple versions of PHP
  • Apache modules on/off
  • Dynamic DNS

Seems you might be able to do some of the above because you are building toward a relatively stable and same-spec platform.

MAMP free version now does Nginx, and as I am moving into Nginx for production sites, I am looking for a new development environment vs. MAMP Pro.

I am excited to install and use this new Virtualmin OS X!

Ooops… just saw this is nearly a decade old… :wink: