Issues with vsftpd module

I have installed the vsftpd module from webmin.
Version is from 2009.
On clicking the Webmin Vsftpd server button, I get “canmot find vsftpd.conf”.
I changed the vsftpd module config to point to /etc/vsftpd/vsftpd.conf but without success.
When I click on Module Configuration, I get
require failed Died at (eval 289) line 1. is installed at /usr/libexec/webmon/vsftpd/

Probably best to just use ProFTPd, unless you want to work on the module yourself.

For a while there, vsftpd seemed to be unmaintained and it started being removed from OS repos, and while it seems to have gotten some attention again in 2021 after a six year hiatus (if you consider an update every several years “maintained”, I guess it is maintained again), we haven’t had anyone using it in a long time, as evidenced by the lack of our maintenance on that module.

If you want to send us a PR to fix whatever is going wrong, we can bring it back into the fold of supported modules, but I’m not inclined to spend time on it, since we have so many other projects in progress right now, and ProFTPd works fine if FTP is needed.

Thanks for the response.
I was afraid that might be the case.
I have used vsftpd for many years but switching to proftpd is not a big deal so I’ll go that way.

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