Issues with Plesk Migrated domain - Capitals in server name

Hi, I have a virtual server that has been migrated using a plesk backup file.

The domain has capitals in the name: ie.

At first, things appear to work ok. Dns functions, website works etc. But it causes havok when trying to maintain the virtualserver inside virtualmin.

The first noticeable issue was mail aliases never showed up correctly, I could see them logged in as root in webmin, but the user can’t see them in “Edit Mail Aliases”.

After changing line 167 of /usr/libexec/webmin/virtual-server/ from:

return grep { $_->{‘from’} =~ /@(\S+)$/ && $1 eq $d->{‘dom’} &&


return grep { $_->{‘from’} =~ /@(\S+)$/ && lc($1) eq lc($d->{‘dom’}) &&

The aliases started to appear, in tests, you can’t add from virtualmin a domain with capitals (It adds it with lowercase letters)

How can I fix the server to be lowercase? I don’t know every little place that the domain is used, and everything I must update to fix it.

It appears I have resolved the issue…

I renamed the domain to temp.dom and then renamed it back with lowercase letters. It seems that did the trick.

Thanks for the info… I’ll have Jamie take a look into that, and see if there’s something we can do to prevent the issues you ran into.


There are a few other places that had issues even after the rename. Most of the postfix alias rules had to be recreated/edited.

But that wasn’t too hard once the bulk of it was taken care of.

Oh, backups choked on the domain too, with capitals. If “on error skip and continue” isn’t set, then the entire backup set will fail.

I think if in the migration tool it forces everything to be lowercase, that will solve most of the issues. And then some sort of method to handling domains that do have capitals gracefully, that’d be good.

Thanks for checking into it


Okay, after speaking with Jamie – he’s wondering if maybe he could get a copy of a Plesk backup that has these problems (ie, one where the domain has capital letters in it).

He agrees with you, there may be other places it occurs… and having a way to test it would be of assistance.

In Virtualmin, it would force all domains to be lowercase, so the issue wouldn’t come up except in cases like this.

If that’s okay, could you either email the backup for (if it’s not overly large), or a link to the backup file, to these two addresses:,

Then, we can work on getting that fixed up. Thanks!