Issues with hostname/"fqdn" and post-install.

I have been able to successfully install several times, however, I am not sure I am setting the hostname correctly before install.

I am currently setting vmin up on at VPS via the install script. Of course, the script works beautifully. The only hiccups have come from a hostname the script really couged on.

I have read and read. I just want to possibly clarify with those of you in ‘the know’.

Let’s assume I own the following domain name:

My VPS control panel allows me to set the hostname for the system at any time…

What on God’s green earth is the magic combo here? For example, I have set it at ‘ev1.iownit’ among others. I can’t set it to anything longer ( or yum DRAGS for days and the install script hurls.

If my main server domain is going to be ‘’ …what should my initial setup values be?

If you want simple, just call it (because Virtualmin defaults to using the hostname as the first NS record, so this saves you having to change that default).

If you don’t like that idea, you’d go for something like

You could also name it, but you’ll have to tweak the Postfix configuration a little later to make it happy about having in the hostname and in the virtual maps file.

I think maybe you’ve got other problems, and you just think they’re hostname related. Setting the hostname should not be an agonizing decision. It just a name, you know?

I can't set it to anything longer ( or yum DRAGS for days and the install script hurls

That makes no sense. Why would yum care about a long domain name? This makes me think you have intermittent DNS or network issues that you’re attributing the the one thing you’re agonizing over and attributing all problems to. :wink:

I found my problem (I think). My server is a VPS running CentOS 5.3 under OpenVZ. My VPS control panel allows you to set the hostname. However, if you set the name in the form of ‘’–at first everything seems fine. However, after entering password to SSH into server…it lags for a VERY long time. It is under this scenario where the yum lags happen as well. Pretty much anything that requires the the server to make a request via network.

I can set the hostname from control panel to ‘ns1.iownit’ and all is fine.

I am stumped. I have done some searching and am pretty much stumped on configuring it manually via shell.

Hmm, is your DNS setup correctly on it?

What is in /etc/resolv.conf?

And if you log into your server, and type:

time host

What result do you get? It should occur quickly, within milliseconds.

time host returns:

real 0m0.001s user 0m0.000s sys 0m0.000s

I have tried it with hostname in both forms and it doesn’t vary.

Initially, resolv.conf contained

nameserver nameserver

I edited to make it:

domain nameserver nameserver

The nameservers are the defaults added to my VPS provider’s CentOS 5.3 LAMP template. is my actual domain and the one I am trying to make the primary server domain.

Why would yum care about a long domain name?

It wouldn’t. I agree that it is a DNS issue, however, I am not quite sure where the lag is coming from. It only happens when I set my hostname to via my VPS control panel or via hostname command in shell.

Bottomline: I am still experiencing the crawling pace if I adjust domain name in the form of xxx.yyyyy.zzzz

I am stumped.

domain nameserver nameserver

you’ll need nameserver as well in there.
do you have more than (or at least) 256 ram on the vps?

should you just fill in ns1 instead of in the control panel?

I have 512 of ram.
I added and nothing changes.