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Issues Summary:

1.) Domain From wrong. [Resolved]

2.) Imap/Pop3 server name. [Unresolved]

– Issue #2: Imap/Pop server name –

Given that:

Q. What is the recommended webmin way of setting up the mail server hostname/domain?

Q. Would it be:
[smtp, pop, mail]
OR [smtp, pop, mail]

Q. How would I achieve this through the webmin/virtualmin interface?

– [Resolved] Issue #1: Domain From Wrong –
I’ve got the environment setup with webmin/usermin/virtualmin

emails send and receive fine but with the server domain set and not the virtual.

Mx records exist.

server name is (i.e)
virtual server is (i.e) (which is on, obviously)
mails sent to come in and are accessible via usermin, great.
mails sent out from via usermin, great.

When I read the emails however, the from reads: and I expected

So what did I miss?

Note: i’ve been doing manual conf file edits for ever, and just started using webmin. The UI takes some getting used to and my conf knowledge hasn’t translated to the UI yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would appreciate any help, as the sooner I can get this done the sooner we could ah hem… purchase some licenses… :smiley:

Fixed it. I found:,troubleshooting_common_problems/#usermin_webmail_sends_with_incorrect_fromaddress