ISP Says set your own Reverse DNS


I have installed webmin/Virtualmin few days back on centos 6, But I am unable to send mail to Hotmail, GMX etc and Email goes in SPAM folder for GMail, Yahoo etc. I figured out I have problem with my Reverse DNS and for the same purpose I asked my ISP to add DNS Record at his server as I read post regarding Reverse DNS

Now the real problem is, my ISP says that you will have to setup Reverse DNS on your own, We never sets Reverse DNS from our side. We have provided connections to many software companies who sends thousands of email per day but even those people never asked for such Reverse DNS.

I tried setting up my own reverse DNS, but its not working can anyone help me out with this problem?

Thanks in advance

Go to your server control panel, e.g. like SolusVM, and probably under network you will find this option. Just to clarify, rDNS can be set only by your hosting provider (real owner of your IP) and you can do that from your server control panel or by sending them a ticket. Depends if they turn on this option for their clients or, for any reason, they didnt and you must contact them. But because you mentioned ISP i suspect you are hosting from home in which case you cant set rDNS and that is good, buy real server and then set your rDNS.

Gmail, hotmail and many others will delete or put your emails in spam folder if you dont have properly set your rDNS, DKIM and SPF. Failing with this settings they could easily put your IP, domain, both, etc… on their internal black list what is real pain to get off, especially Gmail and Hotmail where people was waiting for months to get removed.

Yes, I am running the server from home. I bought a static IP address from my ISP but he provided me static IP over PPPoE. I configured it into my router and forwarded required port to my server. Its working in quite decent manner. I have hosted around 21 Virtual Host on my server and neither website is able to deliver emails into inbox.

I tired going into bind and setup rDNS on my own but I am confused a bit. What can be done. Do i need to setup rDNS for each virtual host or is it fine to set rDNS only for a single master zone?

One more thing I would like to let you know is my ISP does not provide control panel to me neither to any of his users. Only thing we can check on his website is network usage and service expiration date.

…rDNS can be set only by your hosting provider (real owner of your IP)…
Not sure what is not clear with my post. You cant do this from your side, only the real owner of IP [range] can set rDNS. Only difference is if host/ISP enabled this option for the client (you) or didnt and you must contact them. In case like yours where they refuse to set rDNS means you cant have it and my suggestion is to buy real server (shared, vps or dedi).

Static IP from your ISP doesnt have anything to do with servers or anything else alike, its just plus for other things, e.g. you must have static/same IP to connect to [something] because of increased security. To have static IP doesnt mean you are ready to host from home because if you really want this and your ISP have this option, trust me the price you will pay for business connection and IP is not cheap. Add to this electricity bill and other things (server maintenance) its much cheaper to buy VPS. Only how i can see this cost effective if someone else pay your bills.

Yup… I got it what you say…! Thanks for the help… I think I will buy a VPS… It seems a quite good solution for me. Once again thanks for the help.