Is This A Feature?


I have a machine(A) which backs up all domains each night.

In the event of machine (A) failure, I have machine (B) built, ready to turn on. Machine (B) has an old copy of all the domains on machine (A), but it’s not a live or nightly duplicate.

Is there any way to simply and easily occasionally have machine (B) import the newest backups from machine (A)?

I know there’s a “backup and restore” function, but I don’t think that’s what I’m looking for here, is it? Wouldn’t there be user and DNS issues or something?


it is what I do. I make backups to remote ssh, which is my server B
On server B I run a cron which restores all domains with all features.

Users and DNS gets created. I run a second cron but then with incrementals.
The users have different UID’s and GUID’s but that doesnt make a difference in my case.

If you try to restore a domain on machine b which already exists on machine b, won’t that throw some kind of error?

the cron actually runs a script build according to command line api.

i have no problems on the backup server as far as i am aware of