Is there another version of Virtualmin other than 7.0?

OS type and version AlmaLinux
Webmin version 1.994
Virtualmin version 7.0
Related packages SUGGESTED

So I check on and its 7.0 but my system saying its outdated. Can one explain to me?

This is the same problem I’ve been trying to help you with. is not where you’re supposed to get Virtualmin. Virtualmin should be installed using our install script. If you install using our install script, your system package manager will be configured to get updates from our repositories.

In the other (very long, very chaotic) thread, we have determined that you deleted the Virtualmin repositories. I don’t know why/how you did that. But, if you installed with the install script, you would have our repositories configured and you would not need to ask where to get Virtualmin updates because the GUI would offer to update.

Please follow my recommendations in that other thread and fix the repositories on your system, so you can get updates via your system’s package manager.

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