Is there a way to add a multiple-type host?


Is there a way to add a host with multiple services? Like KVM, LXC and Docker?
Or are hosts meant to be mono-service?

Thank you.

I run Virtualmin, Plex and Docker on the same system. In fact, I really like it because Virtualmin updates all of them automatically.

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So, if I understand it, I can add the same host to different host-types?

Cloudmin Pro allows use of all supported system types, but you should probably dedicate a system to each one. You definitely shouldn’t use KVM and Xen on the same system (different kernels and support toolchains). You only need one Cloudmin Pro license for multiple systems (it is licensed by number of VMs managed, not number of physical servers the way Virtualmin Pro is).

Edit: And, to be clear: Cloudmin GPL is limited to one virtualization type, I think.

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