Is there a virtualmin docker image?

I’m trying to move all my websites down to my home computer with dynamic dns and since virtualmin requires a clean install of an OS, I tried a docker image of ubuntu 20.04, and got everything working with the ports mapped properly and firewall feedthroughs but then while executing the virtualmin setup wizard I got this error:

System has not been booted with systemd as init system (PID 1). Can't operate. Failed to connect to bus: Host is down

That’s when I discovered that one must do some gymnastics to enable systemd running inside docker, but the systemd-enabled docker image for the virtualmin-compatible ubuntu 20.04 simply exits rather than permitting me to install virtualmin on it.

So what I really need is a “clean install” OS with virtualmin and any essential system configurations.

Not that I know of. As you note, it is non-trivial, as Virtualmin is not merely a web app…it manages the system it runs on, which is not really compatible with how Docker works.

As an aside, we are planning support for managing docker or podman containers in Virtualmin, probably in Virtualmin 8. That is quite divergent from the goal of running inside a docker container, though.

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