Is there a trusted mirror site for virtualmin?

I just cannot get a good connection to virtualmin, while everything else seems to work:

Err virtualmin-precise/main Packages
Unable to connect to
Err virtualmin-universal/main Packages
Unable to connect to
Fetched 269B in 21s (13B/s)
W: Failed to fetch Could not connect to ( - connect (110: Connection timed out)

W: Failed to fetch Unable to connect to

W: Failed to fetch Unable to connect to


Well, based on what we saw in your other post here:

I don’t think the issue is with Virtualmin or the mirror, I suspect it’s related to VPS resources.

One thing you could do to confirm that is run the installer, and when it fails, look at the “failcnt” fields of /proc/user_beancounters. If those are increasing, that suggests those failures are related to your available resources.


Thank you Eric! I have ordered a third new VPS from them but which is on a different subnet and server to see if this is a resource allocation issue - it should not be - or a sick machine.