Is the Remi repo safe to leave enabled?

Are the remi repos safe-ish to leave on for daily updates for the latest version of Virtualmin/Webmin/Usermin? I have EPEL off for sure since @Joe mentioned to keep that one off.



I have never once recommended Remi over EPEL. EPEL is always my first recommendation if you need packages not in the standard repos. Remi is good, but you should treat it like any other third party repo: Enable it just for the packages you need, exclude everything else.

Edit: We do not test any third party repos. None are “safe to use with Virtualmin”, unless you do that testing yourself and use the precautions I have recommended every time third party repos come up. I’m not saying don’t use them. If you need something from Remi (or EPEL), go for it. But, there is no option that you should consider safe until you have tested it and limited your exposure to incompatibilities and risk; this is not a Virtualmin thing, this is just good practice for a production server.

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