Is the Cloudmin project alive?

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Sorry to ask, but it looks that Cloudmin only supports very old OS. For a KVM host, I cannot use anything else than CentOS 7 - that my datacenter doesn’t provide anymore It is still using the vlan option, preventing from using a recent qemu-kvm version. Also it’s been a while since the last update came out; there was lot of great work done on the Cloudmin services feature, but nothing about OS support. As I am about to rebuild my infrastructure I wonder if I should move to another solution, but I was happy like this, I really don’t want to. :slight_smile:

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I have no idea what you’re on about. I’m running Cloudmin on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Server right now.

Sorry I am talking about the hosts that Cloudmin manages, I don’t have any problem with the cloudmin app.

This documentation suggests to use packages that are not anymore available since CentOs 8. And if you manage to install the right packages and set up the bridge (not with Webmin because brctl is not supported anymore), still Cloudmin cannot start the KVM instances because it uses the vlan=0 option, which is not supported either

It is, but we’re just four people (and mostly doing this for free), and Virtualmin is a vastly larger percentage of our revenue and user base, so Cloudmin ends up getting a lot less attention. Once Virtualmin 7 is out, we plan a major overhaul of Cloudmin, as well.


I misunderstood then. Sorry.

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Ok @Joe , thanks for your answer, I managed to install a Centos 7, I will wait for the next version

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