Is moving from VHCS2.4.x to Webmin/Virtualmin Pro possible w/out lots of downtime?

Has anyone ever attempted installing on a server with vhcs2 installed on it already? I’ve got a server running 17 websites on vhcs2.4 and I’d like to move them all over to Virtualmin Pro soon as possible, with minimal downtime.

Any advice appreciated…


i know this is possable, but i also know that it is very tedious and time consuming if you were to do it by hand also you may find yourself conflicting with quotas if you arent using a basic partition scheme but if you so wish to do this task and have ssh login on the server with root access you could create the 17 site accounts on the server, import them into webmin, and then copy data over from point a to point b on the server, or something to the extent.