Is it worth adding a how-to category/tag?

It will encourage people to post guides/tuts. I have a few on myself and I know they get used a lot because you get a notification each time someone links to one. I think it would be worth trying here.


Thanks for your suggestion. We’re reworking the documentation for VIrtualmin right now and all How-tos and FAQs will be located there. Discourse isn’t the right/best place for documentation. Documentation should be easily editable by everyone using GitHub.

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I was thinking more for users to post rather than official guides Ilia (also keep in mind not everyone uses GH and even those that do might not be comfortable sending PRs - personally for user-submitted guides and tips I would keep the barrier to posting as low as possible, and the forum is a good fit for that (it also makes commenting easier/easier to keep up to date/easier to collaborate by making them a wiki etc)).

It will be possible to propose changes to the documentation for Virtualmin, though it’s not mandatory for users to do so. This can be done similarly to the process used for Webmin. An example of Webmin’s documentation style can be seen at:

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