Is it safe to upgrade ubuntu on my dedicated server


I’ve got everything running smoothly up on my dedicated server that uses ubuntu 14.04

Two things make me want to upgrade ubuntu. First of all, I have the experience of not upgrading another machine I had for years and in the end it was one big mess. I like the stuff to be updated and have less security issues etc.

Webalizer (I know it’s a small, non essential thing) seems to have a problem with ubuntu 14.04. It only shows the last two months, and looking for a solution I found out somebody pin pointed it to being a problem of webalizer together with ubuntu 14.04.

Now, is it safe to actually start the ubuntu upgrade over ssh, or am I causing myself a lot of headaches and should I leave it as it is?

What’s your advise?


It’s certainly possible to upgrade to Ubuntu 14.04, and we even have instructions for the process.

Performing an upgrade is a big deal though, things can certainly go wrong during the process and require some troubleshooting to correct.

For that reason, we suggest performing the upgrade on a test system first, and once that’s working, then try it on your live system.

Instructions for upgrading from Ubuntu 12.04 to 14.04 are available here:


it’s from 14.04 to 15.04 or so. Is that the same thing?

Ah, I misunderstood… if you’re at Ubuntu 14.04, then I highly recommend not changing anything :slight_smile:

The only Ubuntu releases that Virtualmin supports are the Ubuntu LTS releases. So 14.04 is the most recent Ubuntu release that Virtualmin supports.

Note that bug fixes and security updates are added into the packages you’re using, so you’re completely up to date and secure, so long as you’re using the most recent packages for your distro.


ah, ok, thanks!!

Won’t do a thing and put up with the stupid little webalizer annoyance.


just a link so you guys don’t think I’m crazy :wink: