Is it safe to update ClamAV manually?

Running Virtualmin 7.8.2 GPL on Ubuntu Linux 22.04.3, the installed version of ClamAV is 0.103.9+dfsg-0ubuntu0.22.04.1 which seems to be quite far behind the latest version 1.2, so ClamAv is complaining about being outdated.
Is it safe to manually install the version 1.2 package over it by downloading it from or will that mess up various settings and/or dependencies ?
Many thanks!

In my experience, things get messy. ClamAV packaging has been a wild west situation for almost its entire existence, with the ClamAV folks providing guidance for packagers that is unreasonable and example configs that don’t work, and every packager that comes along tries to make sense of it and ends up solving the problems differently and in incompatible ways (though the Debian/Ubuntu packages have been somewhat more stable than the EPEL/Fedora packages, which have had at least three or four incompatible variations, which were also incompatible with a couple of third party packagers).

If I were you, and if I really felt compelled to upgrade, I would test on a development server before trying it on a production system, if you really depend on ClamAV working reliably, because I’d bet on breakage.

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond!

I’ll desist and just leave well enough alone, since the server is not receiving emails and I’m the only one with admin access.