Is it safe to leave SSL Cert off in Virtualmin panel?

Hey guys I followed this tutorial: and got my domain SSLs and everything but it seems I still can’t get it for my virtualmin panel.

Is it ok just to leave it off? I can access my domain with ssl just fine.


I’d be happy to assist you in getting SSL enabled for Virtualmin (Webmin/Usermin). Drop me an email and we’ll setup some time to get this sorted out.


I use LetsEncrypt for SSL, but you cannot get it for an IP - so if you are using the IP address to access the server then no go.

So what I did is create an account (virtual server) on the machine with the same name as the server. Created a LE for it and used the copy cert option to copy the SSL to the VirtualMin instances. Then I can access virtualmin portal via the sub-domain name using SSL rather that the IP.