Is it possible to prevent email attachments in virtualmin

I want to setup Virtualmin email functionality so that users are restricted on file attachments or even perhaps cannot add attachments at all.
In the virtualmin interface, is this possible or do we have to use command shell?
If it can be done in virtualmin, how can it be done?

Email attachments are really a construct of MUAs - that is, your email clients. When your MUA encodes the message to send through your mail server it becomes just a big text file that includes the message and any encoded sections that we think of as attachments. Your mail server doesn’t know or care about the difference.

Generally you would try reducing the overall maximum message size. A general limit to try and prevent attachment abuse is 10Mb. That would limit attachments to about 7Mb.

Have a look in Webmin -> Servers -> Postfix -> General Resource Control -> Max size of a message.


There is a Read Mail Module ACL configuration for each user, where you could set maximum size for attachments. Setting it to 0 makes it impossible to actually send it.

We might consider adding this as a separate feature though. I am just not sure the reason why would you impose such limitation on the user?

I have a client that is a club with about 12 people on its committee. They insist on replying to each others emails that contain large attachments such that the attachments are also being duplicated amongst 12 committee member.
In short, quite a number of the committee members now have mail boxes withlike 5 emails but that take up 50mb of space each. Its driving me up the wall…in just one example i am looking at 12 duplicates of a single email being replied to multiple times with a 5 mb attachment. Its out of control.

I am trying to get them to stop attaching large files and instead link to onedrive or googledrive…but they wont bloody listen.