Is it possible to move emails from google to virtualmin?

Hello all,

I have a domain, in which www is hosted in virtualmin, but e-mail is hosted in Google.
Is there any easy way to transfer all e-mails for every account in this domain to virtualmin before changing the MX records ?

OS type and version Debian Linux 10
Webmin version 1.984
Virtualmin version 6.17-3
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yes it is. you can move your emails to your www and then continue using the www email, no more google email - its like magic :wink:

I’ve been doing lots of email migration away from Google after they announced that they intend to make all free users pay henceforth.

The best tool for moving messages out of Google is imapsync. If you have small or medium sized mailboxes, you will be able to transfer in one go but for larger mailboxes, be aware of the daily data transfer limits that Google imposes.

See Gmail bandwidth limits - Google Workspace Admin Help


I fully agree with @calport, imapsync is the best tool around for migrating imap accounts. We recently migrated a dozen of mailboxes away from Google, some up to 40gb (!!). We installed imapsync on a small mac mini and following the detailed instructions we were able to batch the transfer so it completed automatically for all mailboxes in a few days (because of that delay we ran the migration again to get the last messages just before changing MX’s, took then less than 10 minutes).
To be mentionned, imapsync has a web interface if you need to move only one or two mailboxes < 3gb.

Just to add. If you dont want to use imapsync - whatever you do, dont use Outlook to migrate your IMAP accounts. You will get attachment/sync issues if large mailbox/ many files.

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