Is it possible to have a MySQL database owned by multiple Virtualmin owners?

Greeting to everyone, nice to “meet” you all, hehe! I’m having a doubt and would like to get some clarifications from whoever may know. The question derived to me when one of the Virtualmin user claims that he cannot view the database owned by other Virtualmin user, from his own “Edit Databases” menu. Then I am thinking whether it is possible to import that database to be owned or at least “viewable” by his Virtualmin account also?

To add-on further, e.g. There is a MySQL database called “exampledb”, can it be imported to both separated Virtualmin accounts under their own “Edit Databases > Databases” menu, i.e. mean owned by both “” and “”? Any relevant reply is highly appreciated, thanks so much! :slight_smile:

It cannot.

But, you can create any number of database users so that other users can have access to the database. You can also create Webmin users that have access any given database. Webmin’s MySQL module is incredibly powerful and flexible and has great ACLs.

Here’s the MySQL module docs:

And, here’s the docs for Webmin users:

To be clear: Database users and Webmin users are separate entities, but you can use either or both to provide access to any database, depending on what you’re trying to accomplish. If you want web apps on different domains to share a database, you can create one or more MySQL database users in the MySQL module. If you want to allow a user to manage another users databases in Webmin, you can create a new Webmin user just for that purpose. (Virtualmin users are kinda locked down to prevent their ACLs from being changed for safety…so we recommend a whole new user for sharing databases, but I think it’d be possible to make a database accessible to multiple Virtualmin domain owner users, if you click through the warning about it being a Virtualmin user).

Dear Joe, noted, thanks for your kind reply and explanation, appreciate so much. :slight_smile: