Is it possible to do LDAP against an existing AD server for a specific virtual server?

Hi All

Is it possible to enable LDAP on a virtual server, so that the LDAP will be initiated against another AD server on the internet?
If so, how do I setup the LDAP correctly?

I am looking forward to get any response on this :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance.

  • Tim

If it’s possible, it would be rather complex to do so :slight_smile:

LDAP isn’t really my area of expertise, but maybe this guide here will get you started:

You can get LDAP to work against AD (is also ldap) and have your Linux server visible in AD.
However you wont be able to run group policies against LDAP users on the linux box, unless you buy some extra software (Likewise Software i think it was).

Good luck, I’ve found it a daunting task that drove me to crying more than once. :slight_smile: