Is it possible to change the default page shown when virtual sub server site are being created

Hi All

I want to create a default index.php file in the public html folder when creating a sub-server site.
Currently I just get an 403 forbidden error when visiting the newly created sub-server.

It is working with the primary server site, where I have placed my own index.php filen in the /etc/skel/public_html/ folder.

Is it possible with sub-servers as well?

Looking forward to hear from you.

  • Tim


I had to ask Jamie, as I wasn’t sure how to do that either :slight_smile:

What I learned is that you can select a directory to copy files from for sub-servers at System Settings -> Server Templates -> Settings For Sub-Servers -> Home Directory -> Skeleton directory for files.


Hi Eric

It works perfect, I just typed /etc/skel/ as the skeleton directory for files :slight_smile:

  • Tim

To do it via CLI:
$ virtualmin modify-template --id 1 --setting skel --value /etc/skel/