Is it possible to allow the use of conditional blocks like ${IF-MAIL} in the DNS Server Template?

Such as the conditional blocks used in Server Templates Mail for domain?

By the help you can

Docs as well

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Unfortunately this is not working for me. Anything I enter into the DNS field gets wiped out on save. It’s the reason why I am asking if it is possible to do.

If anyone is able to accomplish this? I would like to know what I am doing wrong.

That sounds like you haven’t selected “Recods below” and left it at “No additional records”. (Or maybe a bug, but I would think we’d have heard a lot of complaints about such a bug.)

I have an entry for cname and that works as expected. If I enter a conditional above or below it, everything from the the start of ${IF-MAIL} to the closing gets wiped out and only the CNAME remains in place.

This would be the code that does not work for me.

${DOM}.        MX  5 ${HOSTNAME}.

Please let me know if I am doing this wrong.

Edit: I am doing this because the Hostname field doesn’t seem to be working as well. I have that on another post from a few days ago.

Thank You,

So I had some time this morning to try these entries on my personal server and everything worked as it should. The code I pasted above worked with no issues including the CNAME entry.

I went back to the my clients server after getting permission to reboot it and I guess that did the trick.
The only thing I can think of is they didn’t reboot after an update? IDK, I don’t get paid to do this…

Thank you both for your time, I am going to play around with this on my end because it looks really handy to have knowledge on…

That’s interesting. The only way I can think that’d happen is if there was a bug in a prior version of Virtualmin and an update fixed it. I don’t remember such a bug being fixed, but Jamie and Ilia are more involved in development these days than me, so I miss a lot.

But, always checking with the latest version is a good practice when things are acting weird. We do fix bugs whenever we find them, so most of the time, a newer version is likely to have fewer bugs than older ones.

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I relocated this to the Virtualmin category, as it isn’t a feature request (the feature exists already).

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