Is is possible to show user filters in the Mail and FTP Users list?

We have loads of Aliases for one virtual server, but forwarding email is quote bad these days, as spam will be forewarded and Gmail/Hotmail/Yahoo/iCloud will all start blocking legitimate email if a lot is forwarded.

So we converted all Aliases to actual email accounts, and then created a filter to forward all mail. This way spam is filtered out on the server before forwarded.

BUT… now we can’t easily see a list of where all the emails are forwarded to like you can in the Alias list.

How can we show the filter for each user in the “Mail and FTP Users” List page? If there is no setting for it, can someone hint to where in the filesystem its controlled so we can write our own? Is there a virtualmin overrode file so we dont have to edit the core files?

Maybe we should writer a module for it?

Any guidance appreciated.


Has anyone figured this out? Looking to show email aliases, forwards, groups, etc on the user list view. Thanks.