Is debian 10 fully supported?


I encounter an error on a fresh debian 10 install when trying to install squirrelmail
Failed to install script : Download of failed : HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found

And I’m wondering if it’s because debian 10 is not fully supported yet ?

Thank you

What I did after a standard install with FDQN used during virtualmin install is to connect to virutalmin using another of my domainname. I connect correctly to but this time the error is the following:
Failed to install script : Download of failed : Failed to lookup IP address for

Could this be because is not correctly setup in hosts ?
In my hosts file I have

myvpsIP  FQDN  example  FQDN  example localhost

That has nothing to do with what distro/version you’re running.

It’s not a problem on your server at al. It seems to be a leftover problem from when one of our download servers failed and we rebuilt it from partial backups. I’ll have to dig up that file and get it pushed to the new server.

Debian 10 is fully supported.

Actually, I think we just need to remove Squirrelmail from Install Scripts. It hasn’t been active since 2014, it looks like! That’s not safe to use, even if it doesn’t have known security issues. I don’t know why it’s still available…

Indeed, I only have this problem with squirrelmail and not roundcube.

Thank you for your quick reply

You should also note that Usermin has a full-featured mail client. You don’t have to install Roundcube or Squirrelmail to provide webmail to your users. (Though you certainly can, if you prefer them, but Ilia has done a lot of work on Usermin lately and the mail experience is getting very nice.)

Yep, I saw differences in usermin. Althougth I’m not why the interface changed. Maybe because I tryed virutalmin with debian 9 a few days ago.

I just wanted to try roundcube or squirrelmai because they sometime display warning when mails are not sent correctly.

Any how Thank you for your quick replies :o)

Just a follow-up, because I bought a virtualmin licence to get more support and in the issue tracker, where we are asked to choose the supported OS, Debian 10 is absent !

I guess it’s just an oversight.


there are still some encoding issues in usermin especially with non-unicode… (eg Greek iso-8859-7 subject displayed as something slavik/russian…)…,
but yes it’s a full featured client… getting better by time… :slight_smile:

Fixed. Thanks for the heads up.

I think we’re deprecating non-Unicode encodings (maybe already have). Is there a problem with the Greek UTF-8 translation (that the iso-8859-7 encoding gets right)?

not sure about the reason, but an example, where subject seems some sort of slavik variant (not greek anyway) in inbox, but displays normally in greek in message view… :

inbox view subject shown : тевмийг стгяинг
message view (correct) : Subject ΤΕΧΝΙΚΗ ΣΤΗΡΙΞΗ
raw header : Subject: =?iso-8859-7?B?1MXXzcnKxyDT1MfRyc7H?=

this one comes from : X-Mailer: Microsoft Windows Live Mail 16.4.3508.205, but seen the same attitude with messages originating from greek Outlook as well. (eg Microsoft Outlook 15.0)

we also had lots of encoding issues reported by clients (always in greek), that’s why we’re still using roundcube as primary webmail… there were also issues with user created folders in non-unicode greek encoding, that were unreadable in usermin, but i haven’t checked that lately…

just noticed, there is no EL.UTF-8 language in Usermin 1.791… just EL which seems to break even latin folder names like “Inbox”. displays like “???” …
using system default (en.utf8) currently.

p.s. sorry for being offtopic, maybe this needs a new thread/bug?

Sorry about that. Webmin 1.950 and Usermin 1.800 will fix that!

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