Is cloudmin for me?

I need to to run a school project building an infrastructure with 03 servers, running a Mysql database. I need to provide failover if one of them fails. Can Cloudmin help me?


Probably not.

Cloudmin manages cloud computing resources, specifically virtualized machines (using Xen, OpenVZ, vservers, KVM, Solaris Zones, or EC2), and the stuff they need to be useful, like disk partitions and volumes, etc. It makes it easy to spin up new virtual machines on demand (via API or GUI), and spin them down when unneeded, and allows untrusted users to safely do so.

We are working on some tools to make managing central high availability MySQL databases easier, but it’s a little ways out, and will be focused specifically on Cloudmin-managed clouds of virtual machines.

Cloudmin is not a cluster management tool, though clusters could be built on top of the resources that Cloudmin manages. (And we’re building modules that help manage such clustering features, in some areas.)