Is Cloudmin for me?

I must be honest: I am a little bit confused and not so sure which path to go.

This is my current situation: I have Virtualmin Pro running on a server, and am planning to migrate to a more powerful server and virtualize things.

So the basic idea for the future is:

  • Host system: Ubuntu/Debian with KVM
    • VM1: Billing system and Virtualmin GPL
    • VM2: Virtualmin Pro for shared web hosting
    • VM3: DNS and Mail Relay
    • VM4: Development server (SVN, Redmine)

It is possible that in the future I will get a second Virtualmin Pro running on a separate machine. I understand that Cloudmin can unify Virtualmin installations running inside its own VMs and on other physical machines. Am I correct? Or do I need two licenses of Cloudmin, one for each physical machine?

Is it possible, at some point, to say “I want to migrate VM2 to another physical machine”?

It’s hard for me to see the benefits of Cloudmin and decide if it can do for my needs without seeing any demo of any kind.