Is CloudMin Alive

I’m looking to setup a new server and thinking of virtualizing the main shared hosting environment that will have VirtualMin. I’m debating between trying ProxMox and CloudMin, but like the idea of having a unified Webmin/Virtualmin/Cloudmin UI. However, the changelog’s last update for CloudMin dates back to 2018 (?) and some of the conversation seemed unclear if it works on Debian 12. Is CloudMin still alive or do I need to just give ProxMox + VirtualMin (or something else?) the go instead?

I’m working on an updated installer. It’s taking a while, as I’ve been busy at work (Virtualmin doesn’t make enough money to pay four reasonable salaries, or even one, really, so most of us have other jobs). It’s actually quite close to being ready for beta testing, at least for Rocky/Alma 9 (Debian/Ubuntu will take a couple more weeks after, probably), but I shouldn’t try to put a firm date on it.

We have a lot of planned new features, and refinements, and especially simplification (we’re dropping a bunch of virtualization types and containers and such, to focus on making it really solid and easy to use for managing KVM instances), and I’m hoping Ilia will be able to start focusing on Cloudmin instead of Virtualmin before too much longer (he’s the only one among us who works mostly full-time on Virtualmin stuff).


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