Is Cloudmin a Level 2 hypervisor?

OS type and version CentOS
Virtualmin version NA

I’m curious what sort of hypervisor Cloudmin is. I understand it creates VPS and it sounds like it does paravirtualization. Where can I find some documentation on what kind of hypervisor Cloudmin is? I want to, for educational purposes, learn how it works precisely.

It sounds to me, based on the fact that it’s meant for a base CentOS install, that it’s a Level 2 hypervisor.

Cloudmin is not a hypervisor. It is a control panel for managing virtual machines using a variety of hypervisors. Cloudmin GPL supports KVM or Xen on one host system (with unlimited guests). Cloudmin Pro supports a number of hypervisors on unlimited host systems (but with a limited number of guests based on license size).

RedHat defines a hypervisor like this:

A hypervisor , sometimes called a virtual machine monitor (VMM), isolates the hypervisor operating system and resources from the virtual machines and enables the creation and management of those VMs.

According to another source, types of Type 2 Hypervisors include

VirtualBox, Qemu, VMware Workstation Player, and Parallel.

You mentioned previously that Cloudmin is similar to VirtualBox, you said VirtualBox creates KVM virtual machines.

Cloudmin sounds like a type 2 hypervisor? What’s the difference?

I didn’t say any of that. Someone else did, and it’s not quite accurate on either count.

Cloudmin is not a hypervisor. I do not know how to be more clear.

cloudmin is a hypervisor/vm manager…not a hypervisor itself.

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