Is betterlinux going to break anything in Virtualmin? Its still free until April 15th


This is (title) my only question:
This is pretty much like cloudlinux but is still free until April 15th 2014.

I’ve intended to use cloudlinux BUT I could not get timely support after 3 weeks so decided to look for alternatives and found betterlinux. Cloudlinux so far seems to be pretty hard to get running under Xen.


Nobody tried betterlinux with Virtualmin ?


Unfortunately, I don’t have any experience with betterlinux, and haven’t heard any reports of users using it along with Virtualmin.

Since it’s CentOS-based, it may work – the thing to look for would be to see if it requires a custom Apache version… if so, that may conflict with the version provided by Virtualmin.

I see on their website that it will soon work with Debian and Ubuntu. Debian and Ubuntu don’t require a custom Apache version, and may be simpler to get working, if you don’t have luck with the CentOS-based version.