Is a website builder still part of Virtualmin Pro?

Hi there,

simple and short question - in the virtualmin pro subscription - is there still a website builder integrated? And if so, any change to checkout the capability of that builder before subscribing?

thanks for the info

wow - didn’t expect that much feedback^^

@Appovis hi, I don’t really know what to say to this, I mean you asked on forums but here most of the folks runs gpl version included my self, don’t get me wrong I had offer for pro version for a year just did not had time to do it.

I guess you understand that this is public forums meaning most of the folks run here for free as an community - some of us never seen futures of the pro in life… virtualmin guys does not listed this so how any of us know…? There is no compare list nor anything…

best advice would be to ask @staff in your topic. keep your wows for your self as this is very trashy - I consider yourself not pro subscriber asking this question. Just do your at staff and ask them without trashy palava around. Aim of this forum is to connect us to make better software as nature of open source.


@unborn that wow got me feedback within less than 2h while 11d there was nothing than silence… realizing smt? anyway thanks for your feedback. Lets try it as u suggested…

@staff in the virtualmin pro subscription, is there still a website builder integrated? And if so, any chance to checkout the capability of that builder before subscribing? thanks for any feedback!

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thanks for understanding my ‘language’ here. as always you need to talk or ask virtualmin guys use @staff they will be all ping in with your message…have a nice day.

The website builder was removed in Virtualmin 6. Website builders of that sort don’t suit modern needs. If you need an easy to use way to build websites it is much smarter to install WordPress and use it and the many great tools available for it. WordPress grows with the needs of business websites (or any other website) way better than a website builder based on producing HTML pages ever could.

There is an easy WordPress installer in both Virtualmin Pro and GPL.

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Ok, thanks for the Feedback.

Is there anywhere a list of the pro features? U know, I am using gpl for years now and love it - just looking for justification to myself for going pro finally :sweat_smile:

This page has a comparison table, though it’s pretty out of date (I think I made it for Virtualmin 5, and while it’s had a few minor updates, it’s also missing some things and slightly wrong in places). Why Virtualmin? – Virtualmin

@Joe why not just updated? new virtualmin site runs on wp so just create site and send the link so folks can learn and know :wink: thanks

It’s coming. I’m working on new materials for the Virtualmin 7 release. These things take time, and we’re kinda busy with a million other things, too.

@Joe - i know, no explain is need it, I even offered help for free for nothing nada to help…I just mentioned for you to add this to neverever long Todo… sorry I was not to being noisy, but user had nice question… that’s all. I’m still able to help :slightly_smiling_face:

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