IPv6 with only one IP

Hi !

I know how to use auto IPv6 assignation on a serveur with a /64 IPv6 (many address), so we can configure an available range, and virtualmin assign one IP per virtualserver.

On another server, I have only one IPv6 (like IPv4), in other word a /128 ipv6.
So I must share this IP (like what we do in IPv4), but virtualmin don’t let me do this.

I can create new vservers with the same IPv6 in the field :
IPv6 network interface > Add with address > Already active

2 domains have already the same IPv6 but apache give always the first one :confused:

And I can’t set this same IP on already existant domains, virtualmin says :
“The virtual interface IPv6 address is already in use”

I know it…

Is virtualmin compatible with this case (only one ipv6) ?
Have you an idea to force this assignation and correct apache ?


Does Virtualmin need /64 for ipv6 ?
Can we use a shared IPv6 (/128) like with ipv4 ?



Virtualmin doesn’t currently support a system for sharing IPv6 addresses, due to the large number of IP’s available.

That is, there’s so many IPv6 IP’s available, it shouldn’t actually be necessary to share them… this is how many IP’s are available:


Someone described it like this:

we could assign an IPV6 address to EVERY ATOM ON THE SURFACE OF THE EARTH, and still have enough addresses left to do another 100+ earths. It isn’t remotely likely that we’ll run out of IPV6 addresses at any time in the future.

With that in mind, it didn’t seem necessary to support sharing IPv6 IP’s :slight_smile:


I know the big number of IPv6 address, I’ve a /64 at home on DSL, and many hosters give /64 per host.

But some hosters (like a big one in France), only give one IPv6 (/128).
They say it is the only solution to handle acces rules and garantee hight security on their Cisco routers.
If they say that, I trust them.

So, for some month, these hosts will have only one native /128 IPv6.
I dont want to use a 6to4 (even if it provide /64), the native connectivity is more reliable.

Any chance it could be faisable on virtualmin ? Apache can handle it.


I just think sometimes you are in the situation you just need use one ipv6 address for all virtual server and I think Virtualmin should support this, because virtualmin should just support all reasonable situations as i has been doing so far. Now I must to explain the customer why he must reconfigure all DNS settings.

FYI, the next release (version 4.03) will support this.