IPv6 support

IPv6 is supported, but it is very very buggy and featurelacking.
I have Debian squeez with the newest webmin and virtualmin 3.97 GPL.

I can’t share addresses for more virtualservers. I must add new addresses to every new Virtualhost. But when there is many Virtualservers and many Virtualmins on the network, the neiborough table on the router can have problems keeping thousands addresses in the table.

When adding addresses to a virtualserver I can only add address without netmask and there is allways /64. But I need /48 and maybe someone can need any other size. When I give the /48 suffix to the form, it works, but in network config there is address/48/64 - bleh.

Sometimes it declines me to remove address, because it is primary, but I need to remove it and there is no other way how to do it. Though the address is removed from running config even the error has occuerd.

When I make some changes in webmin Network cofiguration and I set Apply, it applies the values to the interface, but leaves the interface in down state. Then the whole server stops working because there is no net.
I would never configure the server without having the console access.

I can’t change IPv6 address of a Virtualserver - I need to remove it and set it again.

Sometimes when I remove and set addresses, then some address occures more times in /etc/network/interfaces and then the ifdown and ifup commands just don’t work.

Thanks for reading.