IPv6 on a VPS

Ok, I’ve been searching for a little while and can’t seem to find what I’m looking for. Maybe I’m just too tired at 2 AM, or maybe it’s just not there, I’m not sure which. If someone would be kind enough to help me, it would be greatly appreciated.

So, I have a VPS, it has IPv6, yay!!! Since it’s a VPS, I don’t have control over the network configuration, and I’ve only got 4 IPv6 addresses…for now. My problem is, how do I add these 4 addresses to the available IPv6 addresses to assign to a virtual server? I see the configuration under templates to add a /64, but that won’t work with a VPS. And if I try to type one of the addresses I have into the “Change IP Address” page for the virtual server I’m working on, I get this message.

Failed to change IP address : The virtual interface IPv6 address is already in use

And unlike the IPv6, there’s no “Already Active” checkbox I can check.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Since IPv6 addresses are so plentiful, Virtualmin assumes that everyone who wants one can have one.

So it doesn’t currently support a method for sharing IPv6 addresses, it assumes each domain would have their own.

I’ll mention this to Jamie, it might be a good idea to support that for providers who are a little stingy with the IP addresses.

But the problem you’re going to have in the meantime is that it’ll be a few weeks at best before such a feature is added (and likely longer), so if you stick with this current provider, you won’t be able to have more than 4 domains using IPv6.

Note that many providers will give you as many IPv6 addresses as you ask for :slight_smile:

You may want to try asking them for some more, maybe they’d give them to folks who ask.


I don’t necessarily need to share any addresses, but I don’t have a whole block. i can get more IP addresses as I need them for free. But how do I add them to a virtual server in Virtualmin? I see the option in a template to add an IP range, would I just put each one in as the starting and ending address maybe with netmask as 128? I was too tired to think of that last night.


You have a good point, I’ll ask Jamie if he could add in that “Already active” option to the IPv6 “Change IP Address” screen.

In the meantime, is there any chance you could disable the IPv6 addresses that are already setup on your server?

Normally, you can do that, even on a VPS… but it sounds like you’re saying that your VPS provider may not allow you to modify that?

If you could disable those, then you could use the Change IP Address screen.


Sorry, I’ve been a bit busy moving. I’ve never tried removing the addresses, I’ll try that now and see what happens.


That worked perfectly! I wish my provider would just give me a /64, or even a /96 or /112. Right now I just have random addresses.

Thanks for the help,



And, with your input, Jamie has corrected the IPv6 screen for the next Virtualmin release.

That is, it will offer a “Already Active” checkbox.

Have a good one!


I’m trying to understand this. I have a kvm server and their control panel shows this:

IPv6 Address: 2a02:748:a800:149:154:158:195:0/112

In Virtualmin Pro it allows me to enter an ipv6 number.

Does the /112 mean the KVM provider has allocated from 0 to 112 ipv6 addresses for me to use?

Does this mean I can enter for each vps, the following?
and so on up to 112?
One for each vps when creating a vps?

This would be a great thing if I’m understanding this correctly.

I attached a screenshot of my KVM provider

I also posted this similar question in an older thread before I discovered this newer thread.

This is the KVM service I’m using and they are very reasonably priced and so far I’ve had no problems.
http://en.edis.at/kvm-premium_64_82.htm I chose the Chicago Data Center.

They advertise 1 IP address, 1x /112 IPv6 network and this shows up in my control panel.

Now all I have to do is figure out how to use it.

I think I’m going to get a 3rd server and run some tests once I find out for sure weather I’m understanding this correctly.

It would be great to have an ip address for each of the vps’s I run. No more shared IP’s would make things easier running ssl for each vps.

At this point, I have 1 ipv4 address and have to assign port numbers to have ssl as in the following example:


Any enlightenment on Virtualmin Pro and ipv6 would be greatly appreciated.



Does the /112 mean the KVM provider has allocated from 0 to 112 ipv6 addresses for me to use?

That should mean you have 65,536 IP addresses.

You can enter them manually as needed, or you could enter your range in System Settings -> Server Templates -> Default -> Virtual IP Address.

I believe that works the same between Virtualmin GPL and Pro.