IP's names servers, and host questions (all about IPs)

My VPS has 3 IP attached to it.

XX.XX.168.39 (eth0) <- main host IP
XX.XX.168.38 (eth0:0) <- set as NS1
XX.XX.168.48 (eth0:1) <- set as NS2

So, I have my nameservers (ns1.example.com & ns2.example.com) set to the eth0:0 & eth0:1 respectivly BUT I edited my local HOST file (on Mac) and pointed my website I just setup to XX.XX.168.38 and the server displayed /var/www/index.html rather then /home/website/index.html I updated the IP to XX.XX.168.39 and it worked fine.

Why? and will my nameservers also do the same thing? How to I tell the server to look in the right place for the domain for all 3 IP’s


When adding a domain to your server, it’s assigned an IP – typically, the first IP address on your system.

But whatever that IP address is – you’d want to make sure that’s the IP that you’re using.

You can determine what IP address a domain is using just by selecting that domain from the drop-down list on the top-left. Once you do that, look at the screen on the right, and verify what the “IP address” field is set to.


things seem to be working ok - but buggy at best. I am having some issues.

maybe some one can help me with the “work flow” of domain to ip to the file on the server.

Example.com -> get name servers from registrar ns1.server.com
ns1.server.com -> provides an IP address 11.22.333.44
11.22.333.44 -> is the srever, BIND9 does what???
then apache2 sites-available???

I am looking for a basic a-z flow. . . what points to where to get from example.com to /home/example/public_html/index.html(htm, php, etc)