iPhone Theme

The current mobile theme is great, but has anyone thought about making it into an iPhone/iTouch (iUI) theme? The iUI sites I’ve seen are very clean and easy to use with the touch screen. There are many great examples, including Google Calendar, Facebook, iLounge, etc. If Virtualmin had such an easy to use iUI theme that is basically accessible from anywhere at anytime, it would sure certainly be the ultimate mobile control panel!

Sssshhh! Don’t tell!

Joe Hewitt (the creator of iUI) is a fellow Y Combinator alum (he was in the Winter Founders program with Parakey at the same time as Jamie and I), and I’ve been puttering around with iUI since it came out. I don’t have any iPhone…but I’ve been poking at it anyway.

Joe are you still doing anything with this? I really would like a basic interface. Kinda similar to what MediaTemple does with their Account Center but for Virtualmin. I’d be interested in helping to code this.

I support this!


Yes, I’ve still got some plans in that direction. My girlfriend got an iPhone, so I’ve got one to play with occasionally. It’s below FreeBSD support, Fedora 8 support, and completing the new AJAX theme on my todo list…but all of those are within spitting distance, so it’s definitely not months away.