IP assignment issues

I have 3 IP’s for my server.

One is the main and two are currently being used for SSL for two virtual servers.

I want to remove the dedicated iP for one of the virtual servers so it uses the main server IP again as it no longer requres SSL and use that dedicated IP for a new domain that I am adding today.

I don’t see how to do this as when I go to the virtual server -> server configuration -> change IP address and try to change the ded IP to the main IP virtualmin says I can’t do that:

“Failed to change IP address : The new address is the same as the default for non-virtual servers”

and if I try to make the new virtual server and use the ded IP virtualmin complains that that IP is already in use.

I am stuck.

what if you change the IP under Addresses and Networking instead? and then Servers to update choose: Only selected …

I found it!

I have to into edit virtual server -> IP address and interfaces and change it to the main one there.

That frees up the IP and I can then use it for the new domain.

Not sure why virtual server -> server configuration -> change IP address doesn’t work. Maybe a bug and I will let Jamie know as a possible bug report.