IP allocation for second nameserver

Have just set up a server with CentOS 5. Decided to transfer to a dedicated box after trying Virtualmin Pro on a VPS. The install script ran flawlessly.

Have been allocated a 5 IP block, the first IP being the server address and the IP that I used for ns1.mydomain.com

IP number2 was used to set up ns2.mydomain.com

The name server set up was done as follows:

  • Applied the first 2 IP addresses at my registrar to reflect ns1 and ns2 for the domain child name servers

  • In webmin network configuration, Hostname and DNS Client, entered a hostname, and in the DNS servers section after entered my IPnumber 1 and IPnumber 2

  • A domain master zone reflects ns1 and 2 to the corresponding IP addresses

Domain checks at IntoDNS and Pingability show no errors except for the ns2.mydomain.com. This nameserver doesn’t seem to be alive.

Only my server IP responds to a ping. Not the other IP addresses, and in particular the IP address2 that reflects my ns2 nameserver

My server company informs me:- We only allocate the first IP in the range for your access. Once you have access you are free to allocate or not allocate the remaining IPs as you wish. These are reserved for you so they are available whenever you choose.


  1. Where do I allocate IP address number2 in my server that reflects my ns2 nameserver setting?

  2. Where do I allocate the remaining 3 IP’s that I have, incase I require them to be active for virtual domains?

Advice appreciated.


Figured it out after reading the notes of the Webmin Network Configuration module.

A virtual interface adds an additional IP address to an existing real interface. Virtual interfaces have names like eth0:1, where eth0 is the name of the real interface and 1 is the virtual number. To add one, the steps to follow are …