Invoice Ninja


I have installed and tested Invoice Ninja within Ubuntu with no issues but like to install and run within Virtualmin, the guide I followed was to SSH into the PC / VM to run commands.

From what I can see there is no way to SSH into a site that I host within Virtualmin so I can run install commands only within the site not the whole PC / VM.

Does any one have a guide on installing Invoice Ninja within a site hosted in Virtualmin ?

Many thanks.


You may want to try the manual install that’s listed on the Invoice Ninja website, this looks like it would do what you want:

In “Step 2: Upload the code to your server”, where it shows the step “cd /path/to/ninja/code”, you would use your domain’s public_html folder.


Thank you for your reply, I followed the install on a Ubuntu server and it installs and runs great but I would like it to run on my virtualmin machine. The issue is when you have to ssh into the computer to run commands.

Is there a way to ssh it run commands within a site only and not the whole computer ?


Hmm, do you have an example of the sort of commands that you’re looking to run?

Note though that you should be able to log in over SSH as the Virtual Server owner to run those commands, rather than root.



I followed this guide:

An example of the the commands I would need to run are, three are listed below, Please take a moment to read the guide.

php artisan migrate

php artisan db:seed

php artisan key:generate

You may want to try the guide from Comment #2 above, it didn’t appear that those commands were necessary.

That said – running those commands as the Virtual Server owner from within the invoice-ninja directory should ensure that they’re only affecting that particular installation, and not the whole server.


Thank you for your replies,

I tried what you suggested above and found you are correct and I can ssh into the virtual server that is created and not the whole system, so I should be able to run the commands if required.

Thank you again :slight_smile: