Intranet site

hi, is there a way to make a subdomain available only on the intranet, and not publicly on the internet? I know there is a way with IIS but not sure with apache

the first thing that comes into mind is to run it on a different port not opened in the firewall like 8080
but should intranet not run under a proxy and/or use squid (which I know little of)?

I don’t know much about squid either, but would like to get an intranet site up and running

if you just want to run the intranet on a sub-domain, like intra.companydomain.tld, you can create a sub server and put the software in there (groupwise or egroupware).
Then create a view in the BIND module and add the users/networks to specify who can access or choose a name which is obviously not existing in the Internet, like intra.localnet

Use proxy/squid to control for instance what sites users can access on the internet.
But I’ve never actually setup an intranet from scratch yet so hopefully someone else will chim in here too.

Also Apache has lots of documentation and I think that’s the way to go in combo with DNS

just wanted to bump this thread a bit… I’m looking to setup an inhouse wiki for the company, but don’t quite know how to set up a virtual server (or subdomain) for intranet only access.

Does anybody have some guidance on this?

How would I create a view in the BIND module to point to said sub-domain? And would I need to use a proxy on the server to achieve the required routing?



Well, how many PC’s do you have on your intranet that would be accessing your wiki?

Setting up BIND views can be a bit involved… but if you only have a handful of PC’s, it may actually be easier to modify the hosts files on each to point to your server.