Internal Server Error with CGI and PL scripts.

Hi guys

I am unable to get pl and cgi scripts working in my browser. They work fine when executing via the shell.

I’ve done as much research as possible, and from what I understand it is something to do with suexec, whatever that is!

Any chance of some simple instructions?

Thanks once again


Is suexec configured with docroot set to /home? Check by looking at the output of:

suexec -V

If it’s not, you’ll need a new Apache package built with suexec docroot set to home. If this system was installed using our scripts this should have already been done for you…if not, I’ll need to know the OS and version you’re using, so I can figure out what’s going wrong. (Even if it wasn’t installed via, we may be able to provide the package you need…depending on OS and version, again.)