Integration with Modern Bill.


It would be nice to see an integration with modern bill for virtualmin. Modernbill ( currently offers a custom server module setting which i think Either joe or jamie can easily configure to work with virtualmin.

This is arguably the best billing solution out there. A solution which is affordable and most widely used. Agilebill although nice and all is not at all cost effective, and startup for agilebill is like 399+.

Please look into this. It would be deeply appreciated and i am sure will bring in a plethora of other users into using this software.


Hey Faisal,

If you’re a customer of Modernbill, you’re more likely to be able to convince them to work with us than we are. And since the code changes have to happen on their end, we need them to work with us for it to happen.

Drop them an email and let them know you’d like to use Modernbill to manage provisioning of Virtualmin servers. You can also point them to our APIs:

Command line:

And let them know that they can contact us for a developer license and with any questions they might have. If they need additional API functionality, we’re happy to add that as well. The API is now in use by two billing apps (AgileBill, which you mentioned, and AWBS) and so it probably has everything a billing system needs, but if developers need something else we’re generally happy to add it.

I asked some more information conserning Modern Bill module for VirtualMin Professional. This is a clip of the reply a got.

While we are not planning on adding a module for virtualmin ourselves, we do feature an open API so it is possible for you to develop your own module. Somebody who does a good amount of module development for our customers is **.

Where ** is a person who has obviously done some of the previous modules.

Hey Matti,

Thanks for checking with them. I’ll have to have a look at their API to see what we can do with it. No time-frame promises, but we’ll definitely look into it.

Here’s another clip of the email. So I assume the development licence isn’t totally free but I believe if enough people are interested about the module the pricing might come down quite a bit.

Doing this does require the purchase of a developer’s license. If you get it cleared with us, it is possible to get refunded the difference in the developer’s license and regular if you give us the finished module so our customers can use it as well. Let me know if you have any further questions.

I have no hurry with this because I’m still waiting for the right moment to buy Virtualmin Professional licence. Maybe in a month or so.