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General question:
do you know of a tutorial on building install scripts like a application Mybb and how it would be installed by console and then the process of taking those instructions and making a install script out of it.

Have not done any programming in year but it appears to me the instructions are kind of generic after a while


And, all of the existing Install Scripts can act as example code. Some are very simple, and you can just do a simple search/replace of the relevant details (names, versions, dependencies, URLs). Others need some scripting to handle the custom configuration or whatever.

Darn I was hoping you would not say that, nothing is as simple as it should be, that why you guys are around your the Brainiac’s, ok still patiently waiting I guess

Thanks again
Keith (Pro subscriber)

If you just need to install an application one time, you don’t need an Install Script for it. Just follow the app providers instructions for installing it. Virtualmin uses a pretty standard web server configuration, most instructions will work with only the usual amount of minor customization needed (i.e. paths, differences for different OS and versions, etc.). That’s obviously simpler/quicker than making a tool to automate installation of things that can vary wildly and that need to take into account a variety of different configurations and versions of stuff. Making/maintaining Install Scripts is not trivial for us, either…it takes time, testing, and then more time and more testing periodically forever. It’s why the majority of Install Scripts are in Pro, because it’s a tremendous amount of work, and we need it to at least partially pay for the work.

Some apps have a container version (e.g. docker or similar) and that can also be used with Virtualmin in the usual ways, which may be easier to setup for very complicated apps. You just add some proxy rules for it (which is the usual way one deploys container-based apps behind a web server that’s serving many sites/apps).

MyBB install is already supported and should be available for install?

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