Installing webpage

I’m having a problem installing a php web script called swift panel. I’ve installed the script before when just using webmin, but now I’m using vitualmin and when I go to install the script nothing shows up in the web browser. I think the script is running but I can’t see anything. I’ve got everything set that the script requires, like ioncube and such, but can’t seem to install the script. Any help please. Thanks

Take a peek in the Apache error log for that Virtual Server – if there’s a problem with the application, the issue that’s occurring will likely show up in the logs.


you mean the log found var/log/virtualmin/

if so the error log is empty. I’ve installed and had the program working serveral times before, but that was when I was using just webmin. Long ago with another program I had somthing of the same problem, but the fix had to do with a php setting. I can’t remember though what I did back then.

Just a little heads up. I’m using a fresh install of ubuntu 8.04 I let virtualmin install everything.
I’ve been reading the posts here on the site, but haven’t found anything yet. must be an unusual problem or I would have found a post about it by now. Guess I’ll keep looking.